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Stock: In Stock Model: MPS6032-NI
The bone is a fun shape to have on hand. You never know when it will come in handy...
$2.29 $2.77
Color Heart, 23x25mm, rose gold-plated, rope-style
New -18 %
Stock: In Stock Model: CHS2325R-RG
Color Heart, 23x25mm, rose gold-plated, rope style..
$1.69 $2.06
Stock: In Stock Model: MDS2236-GD3D
It's a mini- dog tag, oh so cute!..
$1.19 $1.49
Stock: In Stock Model: MDS2950-GDOBCU
Stylish design, set with sparkling stones...
$2.39 $2.72
Stock: In Stock Model: MDS2950-GD
This is the classic and extremely popular dog tag. Goes well with the Sausage or Ball-chain. Is one of our best-sellers!..
$1.29 $1.52
Stock: In Stock Model: MDS2950-RH
Rhodium belongs to the platinum group metals. It is a silvery-white metal that is hard, durable, and exhibits high reflectance. Rhodium pendants are slightly whiter than nickel-plated pendants and are resistant to oxidation or tarnishing...
$1.79 $2.45
Stock: In Stock Model: MHS2325-NI3D
3-D shapes give depth and dimension to your Metaza pendants, a nice addition to any inventory package...
$0.79 $0.90
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